This is my second full build. I built my original PC 5 or 6 years ago and upgraded it from a 4790K to a 6800K. Something on that PC died and I decided to treat myself to a Christmas present. I'm keeping my 980 till the next gen GPUs come out.

This build was much more difficult than my last one. Most of these problems relate to the Phanteks 350x, as the shroud not being removable makes plugging cables into the PSU very difficult. This lead to me thinking my graphics card was dead, but infact the PCI-E cable buried behind the rest that wasn't visible had gotten loose and I hadn't notice. I thought I had broken my board on installation into the case because of this and an issue with my Ethernet cable I'll cover later. On top of that the thumbscrews are over tightened out of the box and I have to use a screw driver to loosen them. I also had to be sent a second case since my tempered glass side panel shattered while I was putting it back on after trying to fix a different issue. In the future I think I'll stick with more premium cases (like my 780T I had used in the past) to avoid these problems.

The motherboard was my only other point of contention on board Ethernet port does not work and I'm not sure if it is hardware or software side. It worked fine during my first boot in case, but when I moved the PC back to my workbench to try and solve the GPU problem the cord stopped "clicking" and I get an error 10 in Windows. I still need to solve this issue. The IO Shield broke which I discovered caused the clicking issues as mentioned above and the board only came with 2 Sata cables.

Part Reviews


Great processor. It's iGPU is suitable for light gaming and makes streaming a breeze.

CPU Cooler

Great cooler, definitely overkill for my build but it looks pretty and I'm a fan of corsair.


Board only came with 2 sata cables, I/O shield broke and my onboard Ethernet doesn't work.


It's ram. I kind of regret not spending $70 more to get 2x16 dimms for the meme.


I had it in a raid array with an 840 Evo for 3 years. The Motherboard failed and lost all the data- but it was fast while it lasted.

The SATA port on my drive is chipped.


The installation screw is a bit tiny but I think that's more of an issue with the standard. I had issues getting it in the M.2 slot on my board but wiggling it got it in.


I've had this hard drive for about 4 years and it is still going strong.

Video Card

I've been rocking this GPU with a decent overclock since release and it still plays new games on medium- high settings at around 60 FPS.


My side panel shattered and the unremovable shroud made wiring the PSU unreasonably difficult. The case looks beautiful, but my side panel shattered and I still have glass stuck in my foot.

Sound Card

I don't remember why I bought this 2 years ago. It definitely improved the audio quality of my headphones (598SE) but I'm not really sure if it was worth the $100.

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