This was my second computer build. A friend of mine is a twitch streamer, so I built him a computer for the channel.

First and foremost, The Core X9 case was a LOT bigger than I thought it was going to be. I knew she was a beast, but it didn't set in until we took it out of the box. It is an absolutely beautiful case. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants a lot of build room, customization, and single loop/AIO water cooling. Everything is super configurable for the perfect setup. Plenty of grommets all over the place for running cables wherever you need.

It definitely came in handy when it was time to route the Riing fan cables. Most is hidden, and what is shown doesn't look half bad. The only gripe is the way the Riing controllers have to be set up. We stacked them to reduce the overall clutter, but it did create just a pile of wires off to the side of the case.

Commander FT fan controller is only connected to the front 200mm intake fan with the temperature probe on the CPU. Was a little disappointed that we couldn't connect the fan controller to the Riing controller hub, so the fan controller ended up being mostly pointless except for monitoring the CPU temp easily.

It was also kind of annoying that the Floe Riing controller hub did NOT have both bridging ports like the controllers in the fan packs. It's got the USB port, but it does not have the 4pin port for the other half of the bridging cable. So if you're using multiple Riing controllers with the Floe Riing, you have to hook up the Floe controller FIRST, or buy a separate standard controller with both ports to match the others.

Link to three videos of the case and lighting effects:

Part Reviews


second time buying this, always a great CPU

CPU Cooler

Dropped a star because the included Riing controller hub is not the same as their standard controllers. It only has the USB half of the bridging ports, so if you're using this with multiple Riing controllers, it will have to be wired up first, since it does not have the 4-pin port for the other half of the bridging cable.

The rest of the cooler is amazing. super easy to install, hoses are good quality and rotate easily enough to accommodate almost any pump configuration.


high quality board with all the ports we needed. On-board sound card works great for output audio, but connecting a pro-grade microphone has some issues. it doesn't want to work quite as well as on my other computer with a sound card.


great RAM, lighting effects are really cool and easy to configure with the program. only downside is that the lights will not work until you open the RGB controller program.The program does not have any internal "settings" menu, so you'll have to manually put the program into the startup folder, or you have to remember to open the program after every time you fully shut it down.


worked like a dream

Video Card

amazing video card, able to run almost anything on max graphics with default GPU settings


beautiful, beautiful case. tons of room for customization and cable management, such fans wow. Particularly impressed with how easy it was to swap the two side panels, and to swap the IO panel. Only downside (for some people) is that with the horizontal MOBO, you have to check the PCI-E slots to see which way the GPU is going to face. For my build, the viewing window shows most of the motherboard, but only the plain back panel of the GPU.

Case Fan

Great fans, extremely quiet!! With 13 Riing Plus Premium (two 5-packs and the 3 for the Floe Riing) all running at maximum speed, you can't hear them unless the room is silent. RGB control is amazing, software could use some work though. Controller hubs are fairly simple to hook up. Just have to remember to go into the software and disable any controller ports that are not being used, or you'll get "CONTROLLER ERROR" on program startup

Fan Controller

absolutely wonderful fan controller! Viewing angle is not even a thing. If you can see the controller, you can read it! intuitive controls, nice design, would definitely recommend to everyone! I bought an NZXT Sentry 3 for my last build, and hated it. Now that I've seen the Commander in action, I will be re-ordering another one to replace the Sentry.


straight out of the box without changing any settings, this this is beautiful. very smooth graphics, LOUD high quality built in speakers. Button icons are a little offset, so it's takes some getting used to , to get the right button right away. Adjustable stand is amazing. The monitor can almost be lowered right to the desk, and can raise up pretty high. Also makes a beautiful side monitor for a Predator XB27.

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Nice build

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Thank you =D