This is my first build coming from my previous laptop. I did lots of research about which parts to use and how to go about building computers. I originally wanted to go with an Intel-based system, but I chose Ryzen because of the price/performance ratio. The 2600 is amazing as far as I can tell. Building the thing was flawless. All of the research I've done definitely paid off. The only thing I think I could've put a little more time into is the cable management. I tried my best to tie it all up to make it look alright, but it still looks like a bird's nest. Looking at it from the front though, it looks absolutely stunning (I mean nobody's gonna pop off the back panel anyway). The case and the fans are just enough to give it a little bit of light, but not too much. Then when they're all disabled, it's a really cool blackout look. I really enjoyed building it and I hope it serves me well for years to come.

Update: I vertically mounted my gpu. I got a Cablemod vertical pcie riser and bracket so I didn't have to cut into the expansion slot crossbars. It shows off what the 2060 gaming z was meant for.

Part Reviews


This thing is awesome. Much better than Intel as far as price/performance ratio. Far suits my gaming/productivity needs.


Best b450 board. Subtle rgb gives it a full five star review. Also has a 3 pin rgb header.


Corsair ram, what else should I say?


Fast read and writes for a sata ssd.

Video Card

Beautiful and fast.


Holy crow, what a great looking case. Great rgb strips on the front and back. It uses a 3 pin rgb header though, so make sure your mobo has one. Only supports MSI mystic light and Asus aura sync if I remember correctly.


Best 144hz 1080p monitor. Lights on the back can be turned off. I don't really like the joystick on the back of it for control though. A bit finicky.


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What a nice view. Looks like a lovely neighborhood. and a clean, solid build, my man.

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Thank you!

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This looks great! I love the soft lighting and your desk setup, way neater than my desk hahah. I hope it serves you for years as well :)

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Thanks man