... At least MY dream :)

Second complete build in my life, after a LONG period without being able to have my gaming station I moved to a new house where I finally had the chance to get a brand new rig. I tried to choose the best for each component according to my budget, with the firm intention to keep everything nice and clean without all the RGB excess.

CPU is still stock, no OC attempted yet: after 3 hours of gaming I get an average 60°C package temperature while it idles at 32°C, both with 26°C ambient temperature... Waiting for air conditioning :)

Part Reviews


Never had any doubt about the CPU to buy, I just use this PC for gaming so I discarded 9900k to avoid spending money where I didn't really need to.

CPU is still stock without attempting any manual OC, everything working fine with MB auto-optimizations apart from some little temperature issues at the very beginning with Prime95's AVX instructions, bringing the CPU to easily reach 200W+ and raising temperature up to 91°C, so I had to set a negative offset (-3) for AVX CPU ratio in the bios (all this would be easily avoided disabling all multi-thread optimizations in the bios as well, thus restoring Intel default TDP limits).

With this tweak I reach a maximum of 71°C with the same benchmark conditions.

CPU Cooler

Not the most performing air CPU cooler on the market, nor among the ones with the best performance/cost ratio at the moment I bought it, but right after opening the box you can feel all the quality and care Cryorig puts in its products.

After A LOT of searching and reviews I really wasn't able to find any other cooler that could match this one both on good performance and very cool aesthetic (at least for my very personal taste).

Of course this is not the right cooler for consistent overclocking due to its max TDP (160-180W, information around internet do not always agree about this value), anyway it just does its job keeping my stock 9700k at the right temperatures (32°-61° in normal use).

Installing it with the motherboard still outside the case was almost a breeze thanks to its easy installation system, just had to be sure to tighten the two final screws continuously alternating from one to the other in order to fix the cooler perfectly straight.


I must admit this is an overkill for me to say the least! I'm definitely not in overclocking, even less in extreme OC as this MB is intended to be used, anyway I really wanted a granite-solid platform that left me without any doubt about stability, features, RAM compatibility, quality of components and - why not - aesthetic (it's gorgeous to my eyes thanks to its E-ATX form factor and the all-black look).

Who knows, maybe one day I will surrender to OC charm and become expert enough to squeeze this MB as it should... Nah, I don't even believe it myself.


RAM was one of the most difficult components to choose: at the beginning all I knew was that I wanted a 2x16GB configuration but due to the many variants of modules offered by each manufacturer I really had no idea about how I could determine for sure whether one product was really better than another considering both frequencies and latencies.

After some research I found a very simple but - I guess - useful ratio that really helped me to easily find the real RAM speed for each variant, considering both its frequency and CAS: thanks to this simple frequency/CAS ratio I found a certain value (3200/14 = 228,57) for these 3200MHz modules with extremely low 14-14-14-34 latencies - by far the lowest I could find on the market - that could be overcome only by 4000MHz with CAS 17 (235,29 ratio) or 4133MHz with CAS 17 (243,12 ratio), in both cases costing much more due to their extreme frequencies (and also granting less MB compatibility).

Taking the example of a 3600MHz memory with CAS 17 (i.e. GSkill F4-3600C17D-32GTZR), I would get an inferior 211,76 frequency/CAS ratio, also paying more than I did due to its superior frequencies.

Does all this make any sense? I really don't know but I like to think it does.


Not so much to say here, I've been seeing this at the top of every review/list for the best m.2 SSD on the market. I've already installed one in my office PC (512MB version), therefore I had no doubt about buying another one with more capacity for my gaming PC.

Video Card

Didn't have the time to squeeze it at its full potential with the latest games yet, anyway I think all words have already been used to describe this GPU.

I can only spend an extra - negligible - word for the pleasant effect of having it synchronized with Trident Z RGB RAM sticks and Maximus Extreme XI MB through Aura Sync, apart from that I guess this beast will stay in its place for a long time (that's also why I decided to buy a WQHD monitor instead of a 4K).


This has been another hard task to complete and, to be honest, a couple of months ago I wouldn't believe that the perfect case for me would have been a mid-tower (initially I was looking for a full one). My main difficulty was finding a 2019-like-case - preferably without all the today rgb craziness - with at least one 5.25" slot (yes, I'm an optical drive nostalgic).

Having been away from PC world for years I literally didn't know Fractal brand at all until a couple of months ago, when while going crazy to find the best case for my needs I crossed by accident a R6 USB-C review on Youtube; after that I got some other info on the internet and I understood I just had found the EXACT kind of case I was looking for.

High quality materials, solid, clean and sharp look, in its gunmetal variant it also gains a little more personality than the usual "black" and while going on building my new PC I couldn't help but thinking more and more times: "they really have thought of EVERYTHING during the design of this case!".

The only two things I could complain about are 1. with an E-ATX motherboard you will completely lose the side cable-passing holes because they get covered by the MB itself and 2. the front panel material feels slightly cheap to me when opened/closed (not when I just look at it, it's a matter of thickness/heaviness when using). That said, this case is nearly perfect to me (maybe I'm not normal but I like it so much that I bought another one for "backup", you never know).

Power Supply

There are three basic components I learned to NEVER save on when building a new PC (or replacing components): case, motherboard and - of course - PSU; you can clearly feel the high-end quality product this is just starting from its package, but I guess its 12-year warranty mostly speaks by itself.

I never had a Seasonic PSU before but after some research I easily understood this was the right one to buy in order to get a system upgrade-proof unit for the future.

Optical Drive

Not so much to say here, it doesn't look any good TBH but I don't really care since I haven't bought it for its aspect (the front panel of my case does its job hiding it as it's supposed to do).


Talking about display panel it took 5 (five!!!) different pieces of this for me to find one that could be defined "almost perfect", all of the other four I returned - a HUGE "thank you" to Amazon - suffered from severe backlight bleeding, with the first one that could be defined just RIDICULOUS to say the least, due to its serious clouding (evident backlight bleeding almost on every corner apparently was not enough).

That said: incredibly smooth images thanks to G-sync, absolutely no sign of blurring even with very fast mouse movements, excellent colours (at least to my eyes, using it for gaming only), almost perfect ergonomics thanks to all its regulation possibilities... TERRIBLE QC.


Maybe I cannot deeply appreciate the real value of all the features this mouse has to offer - several additional buttons, Hero sensor, customizable weights etc. - not being a pro gamer, anyway even with my very basic use as a long time amateur gamer I can surely confirm this is an excellent device: super-accurate, perfectly sized for my hands and always comfortable - I'm finger grip styled - even after several hours of use, excellent build quality and very long cable allowing all kind of movements without any difficulty.


I can deal with wires in almost any occasion, but not when talking about gaming headphones! This headset sounds amazing - a single DTS Headphone X demo can leave you speechless after just a few seconds of test - and quality of materials and design is not questionable.

Also, plenty of connectivity options and the double switchable battery in bundle - allowing you to use this wireless headset seamlessly - represent a great plus.

Just two - maybe not so negligible - cons: 1. it's sad to confirm that in 2.4GHz wireless mode you can (barely) hear a white noise in background that clearly starts/stops when turning the headset on/off (of course there must be almost absolute silence to hear that); 2. there is only an elastic band that adapts to your head without any other possible regulation, but even if I have very short hairs (and a normal-size head) I can feel it very tight... Maybe with time it will get looser, anyway I think both things should be taken into account when judging this - still excellent - headset.


I've been using Logitech Z5500 kit for a long time with my previous PC and its "natural heir" did not disappoint me at all: plenty of power, clear sound, beefy basses and a nice look - even if without any particular peak - make this 5.1 kit just ideal for gaming, you cannot find anything better for this price.

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