This build is mainly used for gaming. If you can help me think of a name for it please post it below Haha.

Part Reviews


upgraded from a 4690k and so far loving the upgrade.

CPU Cooler

if I could rate this higher then 5 stars I would. I'm a big air cooler lover and had always wanted to try the NH-D15 but the colors always swayed me. ended up coming across one for sale on kijiji for $20, sold the fans it came with for $20 then decked it out in black chromax gear. Was using a Cryorig R1 Ultimate before and was happy with performance but I'm much happier with the Noctua. cools better, looks better, and basically silent at any rpm


so far so good. this is my first MSI board and so far I like it. love the neutral colors and the BIOS is nice and easy to use


went to 3200 seed no problem. no issues

Video Card

good card for 1080p. plays pretty much everything at 60+ fps especially with the slight overclock I have on it


super easy to build in. loads of room. looks great and great airflow

Case Fan

I ha e 2 of these as exhaust fans and they are whisper quiet and not rgb

Case Fan

upgraded to these on my noctua cooler. great fan as expected from noctua

Case Fan

have 2 of these as case intakes. great low noise and great airflow. noctua is still king in my eyes


wish I could have afforded a bit bigger or a 1440p but so far this has been a fantastic monitor with great colors and sharpness


great cheap mexhanical with all the fancy rgb lights someone would need


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My Brain.exe has stopped working

  • 7 months ago
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What about "Gold Thunder"?

  • 7 months ago
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Beautiful build! What do you think of calling it Ear of Wheat?

  • 7 months ago
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lol love the suggestion! i definitely can see the wheat reference and thanks for the compliment!