This was my first PC build. The goal was gaming at 1080p with high/ultra graphics settings and consistent 60+ FPS. I spent a few weeks choosing parts and then ordered them all through Amazon.

Assembling it was quite straightforward. It booted first try and recognized all the components. I'm consistently getting 90+ FPS in Sea of Thieves at Mythical settings, and 100+ FPS in Destiny 2 with Highest settings.

Overall it's a great mid-range 1080p build! Haven't run into any issues so far.

Part Reviews


Runs games at 1080p with 30-40% usage. For the $120 I paid, it's great value. Third gen Ryzen is excellent, but 2nd gen is still a compelling option.


Simple design, nice VRMs, no overheating issues. Touch of RGB is nice as well.


It's simple and runs at the advertised speed without issue. No complaints.


My PC boots to Windows in 10 seconds. Worth the money.

Video Card

A great choice for 1080p. Runs games at high/ultra settings at 80 FPS minimum, and often over 100 FPS. After a 3 hour long session, temps hadn't peaked past 66 degrees Celsius. The brush aluminum back-plate, well-built plastic shroud, and RGB are nice touches as well. Well worth the extra $30 from the MSI Ventus OC.


I haven't had any issues with this case. For $60, you get a spacious chassis with cable routing channels, included zip ties, all standoffs preinstalled, and even a little RGB. My only complaints are that the 1 included fan is 3 pin (but that's pretty standard I believe), and the top right cable routing hole is blocked when you install the motherboard. However, the only thing I had to plug in near that was the CPU fan, which wouldn't use a routing hole anyway. Overall, for $60, it's exceptional value.

Power Supply

Cables are sleeved and black, though somewhat stiff. My PC hasn't exploded yet so I'm going to assume I got a good PSU. No complaints.

Case Fan

Cools my case, has PWM, and is quiet.

Case Fan

Cools my case, has PWM, and is quiet.


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Very clean set up. +1

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Thanks! Cable management was much easier than I expected, although that may be since I'm not using any SATA storage.

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it is a very good pc build but i would suggest a rtx 2060 or a gtx 1070 6 gb for 50 $ more

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A 1070 has about the same preformance as a 1660 Ti. I considered getting an RTX 2060 but since the build was targeted at high settings at 60 FPS and not pushing high refresh rates I didn't choose it. My monitor is only 60 Hz anyway, so short of buying a new one I wouldn't have noticed the difference. Thanks for the input!

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Do u know how much FPS this could get on Fortnite with all settings turned to low? Please contact me on Twitter @Edwardjr99

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It's a fairly popular GPU, so there's plenty of data that others have collected.

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