I do design (photoshop, after effects, etc..), video editing, and gaming. Everything came in perfect condition and was an easy and fun computer to build. So far, it's working flawlessly. Ran a stress test immediately upon loading up and this build handled it like it was nothing. Very impressed and very happy with how it all came out (:

Part Reviews


Super fast and super reliable in handling whatever I throw at it. Everything is super fast and there is not one con I can think of.

CPU Cooler

Fantastic and easy to set up, runs flawlessly and is super quiet and keeps my CPU at a great temp while under a heavy load.

Thermal Compound

It squirted out the paste so it did its job.


Favorite mobo I've used to this date. The coding in the top right is fantastic and the RGB feature is very slick as well as the color. Wifi is nice and the fan slots are much easier to access than past mobos. This is why I stick with Asus.


Running very well, I use 32 GBs to help manage everything I do from heavy loads with design, gaming, and video editing. Not disappointed at all with this.


Everything has been great so far with gaming while having them placed on the drive. Fast, small, and super easy to use/setup.


Does the job, using the 4tb for all the pictures I have to store and it's doing its job just fine!

Video Card

I've had issues with my last 2 2080ti's (weren't ASUS), I finally just gave it one last chance and I'm not disappointed in the slightest. This card is a beast and handles temps like a boss, I love the performance it puts up while gaming and while it's a huge card, it doesn't droop at all. Very impressed yet again with the ASUS products and I'm more than happy with this GPU!


This case is HUGE, and that's a great thing. The handle, the fan controller buttons, and the super-slick design and overall look is simply amazing. Thing I'm most happy with is the cable management let-throughs, I used to suck with cable management but this case made it so easy to stay organized, especially with storing the SSDs and HDDs on the sides. Cooler Master impressed me big time for being a first customer of their product line.

Power Supply

Love the mobo 24-pin already being plugged in the inside of the PSU making it easy to connect to the other 24-pin slot on the mobo without any extra messy wires and clunky space. The wire for the ATX Power on the top of the mobo was a little bit short, but I made it work. Overall, great PSU and have always loved EVGA.

Optical Drive

Easy to install and very nice and good looking with my case, another great ASUS product.

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