BACKGROUND - Had to sell my old pc and it was time to build a new one, I bought mostly used and reasoning will be listed below

Ryzen 5 1500x - Bought this off Ebay for 90$ as a place holder for Ryzen 3000. Im actually impressed with how fast it is

VEGA 64 LE - Absolute BEAST of a card based my entire system off it even though I got it last, Fell in love with it when AMD released it in 2017 but I couldn't get my hands on it due to the horrendous pricing. 2 years and a bunch of placeholder gpus later I managed to snag one off Ebay for 340$

Gigabyte B450I - Its silver matches my vega perfectly, Most ITX mobos have the same features with some exceptions, so it really came down to how it looks for me since Im not a power user. Even if I wasn't trying to match everything I would have picked it because it looks the nicest to me.

Corsair Dominator Platinum - They're beautiful just wish I could turn off the faint leds. You really can't beat Corsair in the ram department or Dom plats at 140$ when 16 gigs costed 200+ when I got these.

Samsun 970 EVO - Very fast, no cables. I don't even get to read the little info cards in loading screens anymore.

Corsair RM850x - Corsair dependability, bought used for 80$ off Ebay.

ViewSonix VX3258 - Always thought 144hz was a meme, Every high refresh rate I could find on displays were locked at 60. Finally found one at best buy that was displaying it properly and figured Id go a step beyond. Besides a little light bleed this monitor is amazing

Corsair Vengeance K65 - Silver TKL keyboard just wish it had blue or green switches. got it for 30$ off ebay.

Corsair Glave - It was on sale at best buy for 50$, Honestly kind of wish I bought the dark core wireless again. This isn't a bad mouse but I don't care for how it feels

Corsair Commander Pro - I only use it to control my fans, I really like how intuitive the Link software is.

Razer Tiamat - The built in speakers in my monitor are okay, My Friend/roommate is letting me borrow these until I get something better. The sound is meh but Razers website flat out says to get the best of these headphones you'd want a soundcard so Im sure I'm not getting the best out of it.


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Nice, beautiful, and clean

Love it

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Neat build. Everything makes sense exept for the low profile noctua cooler, there's plenty of space for a beefier cooler or a 240mm AIO. As far as the headphones go, if they don't sound decent without a soundcard, a soundcard won't help much. That VEGA 64 sure is a clean looking GPU. I'm curious what that last picture is and why theres an RTX 2060 box and an Intel CPU laying around in the background. +1

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I thought about going with one of those shoebox cases, I havent had any excuse to get a better cpu cooler yet as I havent gone above 50 degrees yet. The last picture is a 1060 and an HD 7970, the cpu is a spare Pentium, and the RTX box is my roomates 2060

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Nice build but if you want you can change the fan to another fan from noctua thats black

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Im just waiting for another paycheck at this point, the white fan doesnt bug me too much but i want it all to match