So this is my friends new build he asked me to build for him since he does not know how to build a PC and is always thinking he will break something.

Intel Core i7 4790K : We mainly choose this CPU because he was wanting a i7 for Video Rendering and Programming i chose this over the 6700K since where i live the 6700K is $100 more expensive and that would mean i had to change the platform (socket) and from DDR3 to DDR4 which would cost me more.

NZXT Kraken X61 : We chose this CPU Cooler mainly because of the looks and the white fans which fit the white case.

MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition : This is a very simple motherboard with a non gamer look which he wanted also fits the color scheme + with the feature of SLI

Corsair Dominator Platinum : We chose this ram for multiple reasons the first one was performance you cant deny its one of the best ram out there but it has a price point which many might not like...the second one is looks,it has a very nice silver color and for any productivity setup i would recommend (if you have the money),we chose 16gb because for his needs 8gb was to little...also we got 4 ram sticks since he was forcing me to fill them all because he has OCD (not joking).

Samsung 850 Evo : We got this SSD since it was one of the most famous and is quite fast,we got a 250gb capacity since its going to hold his Operating System,Programs and Games that he usually plays.

Kingston Savage : We wanted something that was a mixture of the Kingston V300 series and the HyperX 3k series so we chose the Savage since it was something in the middle,we only got a 120gb capacity drive for games he does not usually play.

Western Digital Black 2TB : This was later added and is not in the pictures or the part list but we went with the Black since he wanted the fastest HDD out there so i recommended the Black series by Western Digital,we got a 2TB capacity drive because this is going to hold all of his finished projects.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4GB Windforce 3X : We know that the r9 390 is faster but he was a Nvidia fan(boy) so he wanted the GTX 970 also since his monitor sucks(will be getting a better one later),We got the Gigabyte one because it was the cheapest one and was a 3 fan setup.the normal windforce was $60 more,he did not want to get the RX 480 because he likes Nvidia and because he works on the PC for a living he could not wait for the RX 480

Corsair 760T White : He wanted something with a big side panel window that could be opened with a handle i recommended him the 780T over google images and he said it was the most ugly case he has ever seen and he saw a picture next to the 780T he asked what case is that i said the 760T he said "were going with that" he asked is there a white version i said yes and thats how we got to the 760T

Bitfenix Fury : We randomly just chose this power supply

Hope you guys like it,comment anything you would change and any questions you have.Have a great day guys XD,SORRY FOR THE CRAPPY PHOTOS WE WERE IN A HURRY SO I JUST RENDERED THEM LIKE **** AND IT BUGGED WITH WHITE ON THE BOTTOM,FORGIVE ME


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Beautiful Build, Nice Black / White Theme. Edited This Comment, Due To An Inaccurate Statement.

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Thanks,we were going with Black/White since he does not like a super bulky black/red build

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I have the same case, lot's of room and looks great too.

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Do you happen to live in central Australia? One of of the kids I know wanted a gaming PC and would have named it the exact same thing, so I was just curious.

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Hey how is the ssd?

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s h o u l d h a v e g o t a 3 9 0 a n y w a y s