This is my first personal custom gaming rig. I started out with a GTX 770 and then later upgraded to the 1080 to really unlock this computer's full potential. All the lighting, including that on the ASUS Strix GTX 1080, has full RGB customization. Start up time is under 8 seconds from pressing the power button to opening my web browser, games such as Battlefield 1 run on ultra at 60 FPS at 1080p with 150% super sampling. Between the improved cooling on the new 10 series cards and the Thermaltake radiator for the CPU, this rig rarely goes above 65 degrees Celsius under load.

Update: Now connected to a curved 55 inch Samsung 4k TV, this rig runs Battlefield 1 in 4k at ultra settings but the game locks in at 30 FPS no matter what I do. It runs absolutely flawless and no matter what kind of craziness takes place in the game, it doesn't ever drop frames or stutter. It's also worth noting that the game is on my SSD (which I only use otherwise for a boot drive) and this has a significant impact on the games load times. "SSDs win wars"

Part Reviews


If you're even looking into this chip, you already know you want something incredible. I used this in a gaming rig with a GTX1080 and a Thermaltake 240mm liquid cooler and have not had a reason to even look into overclocking this chip. It may be an i5 but it should remain a top tier chip for years to come before you even need to consider an i7. If you have money to blow, get this chip anyway and blow it on something else, and i7 is not necessary if you are strictly gaming.

CPU Cooler

The lights and the cooling work flawlessly. You can see the lighting from any angel and it links with your other thermaltake fans. Great piece for a great price.


A sleek looking blacked out mother board. Plenty of room for expansion but I haven't found reason to completely fill the RAM and PCI slots other than to showboat, which I cannot currently afford. Works perfectly, everything fit as intended.


If you're looking for a suitable alternative to one of Samsung's expensive SSD's because you really only need a boot drive, this is it. I put Window's and any other kind of system files on this SSD, as well as Battlefield 1 (BF1 loads significantly faster than a standard hard drive), and my rig is opening chrome in under 8 seconds from pushing the power button.

Video Card

This card is an absolute monster. I run BF1 with 150% super sampling at 1080p and cannot push this card over 65 degrees Celsius or get it to drop below 55 FPS in 64 player all out mayhem. If you want to stand around getting killed in games because everything is just so beautiful that you can't focus long enough to shoot back, this is the card for you. It's a 5 star card before you even get to the double sided RGB lighting. It does sync to music and has a few other preset modes but honestly, you'll set it on one color and then never change it again. The software for the lighting is nothing impressive but that is a very small complaint. The overclock software seems simple enough, although, there's no reason to OC this card other than to benchmark or show off. The card is insane right out of the box.


This is a decent size Full Tower. It fits my ASUS Strix 1080 perfectly while still leaving room for my SSD (there is a mounting slot for an SSD behind the motherboard mounts) and for the 3 optical bays. The airflow is amazing with plenty of breathing room and ventilation. The only complaint is the lack of rubber grommets to better conceal the wiring going behind the motherboard. That complaint alone is not a reason to overlook this case and that is the only complaint. Also has a front and bottom mounted dust guards which are easy to remove and clean.

Case Fan

Full RGB lighting, plugs into the same controllers as the Thermaltake liquid cooler so you can sync all your lighting together with the push of a button. I believe that Thermaltake is coming out with a new controller that will be software compatible so you can change colors without having to open your case. I almost want to give this a 4 star for not having software to control it but they look so perfect and work so well that I'll give it 5 stars and wait for the new controllers.


This keyboard syncs its lighting to all your other corsair products for some awesome lighting effects. There are endless user created profiles that are free to download on Corsair's forums. The biggest complaint is that there are no actual game supported profiles such as with Razer. ie, your F keys will light up as your health bar or all your keys will turn blue/gold while playing Mercy on Overwatch depending on if you're using your healing or damage beam. Beyond that, this keyboard works perfectly and the software is incredibly user friendly. Corsair has always been a great company and that hasn't changed now. Highly recommended.


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3 mouses, alright. 1080, a great. BX 200, alright. RGB, a great. Headset, no it's blue! No! It ain't RGB or at least a neutral color...

Good build, good colors.

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Thanks! The general color scheme of the whole room is black/blue. I also have a Blue (brand and color) snowball mic now as well.

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Hey man, how are your monitors? is there any screen tearing? i am looking in to buying then for productivity and gaming and i was wondering if you could give some insight into them.

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There is no screen tearing but it is just a basic 1080p 60hz monitor. Don't get me wrong, it's a good monitor, but it is fairly basic. It has a game mode as well which makes the color a little better. I would recommend it though.

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"I buy a 1080 so I can play on 1080p at 60hz" when a 970 and 1060 are for 1080p

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I don't hear them at all unless the room is silent, including my ceiling fan and AC being turned off. And only then are they at a barely audible level.

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