I built this PC to sell. Everything worked well but I wish I could rotate the CPU fan shroud. It's purely aesthetic but it bothered me. Haha! I really appreciated the zip ties that came with the parts as I find cable management rather cathartic. I wish the case came with an extra panel to hide some of the wires but it wasn't bad. For such a small case cable management was a breeze. I installed Windows and ran Cinebench with a score of 2506.

Part Reviews


It's not the most powerful CPU in the world but there's a lot of value to be held here. I wish I could rotate the fan shroud but it's not a problem.


The installation was easy but there's not enough space for multiple vide cards. I also wish the included software came on a flash drive instead of a DVD. Their online auto-software picker was inoperable but finding and downloading each file was easy. Annoying, but easy.


It works, looks good, and includes a lifetime warranty.


This SSD boots Windows 10 in ten seconds flat (once you install fast boot)! It's also a great price!

Video Card

Video Cards this good shouldn't cost this little! It's a great card that looks good!


This is a good case considering the cost. For a case this small build my new PC was a breeze. The motherboard riser screws came preinstalled and there was plenty of room to work in. My only criticism is it does not include a cable cover between the motherboard and font panel. It would look a bit nicer to have one.

Power Supply

This power supply is perfect. The preinstalled motherboard and CPU wires were exactly what I needed. It came with all the extra cables I needed for my parts. The cables are 100% black and the unit is dead silent.

Operating System

I wish the settings and control panel weren't in two separate places but it's still the best operating system to date, especially for gamers. It boots fast and runs nearly everything.

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  • 6 months ago
  • 2 points

its a nice computer. It will do just fine, the owner just will have to watch what they download

  • 14 days ago
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Hi, i did basically the same build but with a corsair ram and my pc doesn't boot. Should i change to the ram you are using? Did you have any issues?

  • 8 days ago
  • 1 point

Does it post?